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About Cedar Tree Law Firm

The seeds of Cedar Tree Law Firm were modest. With only subtle prompts and motivation, an idea was planted: that the most effective form of advocacy was one that concentrated on community development and serving the entities that make up the local economy. This seed began to take root only by persistent relationship building with investors, businesses, startups, and professional agents.

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The Firm’s practice prioritizes combining technical industry experience with legal skills for effective service. In the process of acquiring industry knowledge, the Firm’s roots stretched across the southeast region and beyond. Now, as the Firm sprouts upward, it can serve clients in legal transactions while also presenting relational opportunities that promote success amidst an innovative and volatile market environment.

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With origins in Columbia, SC, the Firm stayed true to the obligation to serve South Carolina businesses and the Southeast region of the U.S., despite the stigma the region has for its lag in innovation and lack of resources. The Cedar tree grows in mountainous regions without the benefit of bountiful resources. Still, it grows into an organism that sustains life and strengthens its ecosystem. Similarly, Cedar Tree Law Firm seeks to grow in this region to sustain the life of businesses and strengthen the business ecosystem. The Firm acknowledges that our clients are also like Cedars, because they have accepted the challenge to build, innovate, and grow here. For that, we appreciate you.

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At Cedar Tree Law Firm we view it as a privilege to share with you the latest trends, news, and updates. Stay tune!

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